Pluribus Networks Raises the Bar on Open Networking Compatibility
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Pluribus Networks Raises the Bar on Open Networking Compatibility

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 19, 2016

Open Netvisor Linux (ONVL) operating systemSANTA CLARA, CA: One of the leading data center network solutions provider, Pluribus Networks that helps businesses to run unhindered, has announced the availability of its latest update to its award-winning Open Netvisor Linux (ONVL) operating system for Dell Open Networking switches which greatly increases their compatibility within complex, heterogeneous, existing switch infrastructures. Pluribus unveiled its latest ONVL Version 2.4 at the Open Networking User’s Group (ONUG) meeting in Santa Clara, CA.

“The open networking revolution has proven to be a game changer in the evolution of the networking industry. Open switching has fueled a surge in demand by Fortune 500 companies who are both performance and value conscious,” says Sunay Tripathi, CTO and Founder, Pluribus Networks.  “While switching performance has always been the at the top of any networking agenda, we realized with the formation of our company that agility, visibility and security would form the strategic part of those very same discussions for data centers that were virtualizing and converging.”

Pluribus Open Netvisor Linux (ONVL) 2.4     improves the compatibility factor with existing LAN infrastructures, a vital success ingredient when deploying new solutions into existing data center infrastructures. For its Layer-2 support, ONVL 2.4 now includes full support for Multiple-Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1s) and Multi-Listener Discovery (MLD) protocol. In the Layer-3 space, ONVL 2.4 offers greater support for large deployments through the added support of the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP).ONVL 2.4 for Dell also aids in complete compatibility with Pluribus’ award-winning visibility solution, “VCF-Insight Analytics”.

A recently conducted survey by PNI Research of more than 200 data center managers concluded that network visibility and agility were the two most important attributes that they consider when looking for new data center networking solutions. The issue of compatibility with existing infrastructures was considered as the most important aspect when determining a growth strategy.

Pluribus’ visibility solution, VCF Insight Analytics (VCF-IA), is available now and can be deployed in any existing network switching topology.