Pluribus, Red Hat and Super Micro Computer to Deliver Assembled Cloud Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 16, 2015

PALO ALTO, CA: Committed to distribute server economics, innovation and programmability across high performance hardware-software integration, Pluribus has announced its partnership with open source software provider, Red Hat and Super Micro Computer that offers server technology. This joined venture establish open and converged infrastructure for public and private cloud providers.

This collaboration integrates Pluribus Open Netvisor Linux, Micro-Blade servers from Supermicro and Red Hat OpenStack. Pluribus Netvisor is a distributed network Operating System that program, virtualize, cluster and automate the network like a server. Its software driven fabrics eradicate complexity of physical network topology and offer advanced analytics in the network fabric allowing unlimited scale without any obstructions.

Supermicro MicroBlade architecture offers networking, storage and unified remote management for cloud computing, web hosting and content delivery network. Red Hat OpenStack is well known platform for developers to build and manage public and private cloud.

The assimilation of these technologies will facilitate cloud providers and NetOps and DevOps teams to develop, deploy and deliver real-time Infrastructure-as-a-Service. It will be supported with data flow visibility throughout infrastructure for protected transaction with comprehensive analytics complimenting enterprise and cloud-scale environment.

According to Sunay Tripathi, CTO, Pluribus Networks, Netvisor’s VNET –defined segmentation deliver virtualized fabric where VNET will be managed by Neutron plugin. This let OpenStack and cloud management systems to operate together without any interference.