Pluribus Updates VCF-IA to Version 1.5 with Metadata Tagging Capabilities

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 5, 2016
Kumar Srikantan, CEO, Pluribus Networks

Kumar Srikantan, CEO, Pluribus Networks

FREMONT, CA: Pluribus Networks has updated its network monitoring and business analytics solution, VCF Insight Analytics (VCF-IA) with metadata tagging capabilities. The new version, VCF-IA 1.5, offers businesses a contextualized view of their data center consumption which enables IT departments to improve network operations. The updated version also provides better troubleshooting analytics and overall visibility into a network’s data flow between applications and services.

VCF-IA 1.5 transforms network monitoring into a business intelligence solution by combining advanced monitoring and business analytics. The latest version comes with an extensible metadata engine that has the ability to incorporate any type of metadata. Moreover, VCF-IA 1.5 now supports data flow from Nutanix, VMware, IP-storage along with various business attributes like organization, location, project type, funding source, and ownership.

“Enterprises can significantly optimize overall performance and responsiveness of applications like big data, IP-storage and hyper-converged solutions with proper network visibility. Network monitoring tools can provide more value when they provide flow-based views of applications and business services, and this flow-based view is what Pluribus Insight Analytics is delivering,” says Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates.

Furthermore, businesses are now equipped with the ability to tag an information flow with the respective attributes and store the transaction for later analysis. This further enables users to create customized dashboards and project views specifically related to appropriate systems, applications, or processes. Pluribus also publicized Dell’s decision to offer VCF-IA 1.5 as a premier monitoring solution in its software-defined open networking portfolio.

“Working with Dell, we have proven that customers can deploy our switching solutions to transform their data centers and realize the industry’s most cost-effective SDN. The next logical step was to also provide customers with advanced networking insight and analytics, at up to 80 percent less cost versus the competition. And adding availability through our partner Dell enables any organization that wants this level of visibility to acquire it easily,” notes Mark Harris, VP of Corporate Marketing, Pluribus Networks.