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P&O Ferrymasters opts GateHouse for Transforming its TMS

By CIOReview | Monday, April 11, 2016

FREMONT, CA: P&O Ferrymasters, a provider of tailor-made transportation and logistics services and supply chain solutions announced its collaboration with the transport logistic integrator and live tracking and monitoring solution provider, GateHouse to gain complete visibility logistics tracking system across its business. Delivering the flagship ghTrack cloud solution, GateHouse is aimed at assisting P&O Ferrymasters to enhance competence throughout its day-to-day logistics operations. ghTrack portfolio will add features to P&O Ferrymasters’ existing Transport Management System (TMS) and will act as a facilitator for integrating all telemedics data that stream into its TMS in real time, consolidating them into a single data pool.

As a unique and highly-secured data source aggregator, ghTrack streamlines the management of logistic operations and provides a comprehensive overview in one screen by collecting all types of sensor data, across all carriers. The solution also offers precise real time information about changes in delivery schedules, enabling firms to keep customers aligned to the circumstantial changes of scheduled incoming and outgoing deliveries.

The companies assure the extension of ghCore’s advantages to P&O Ferrymasters' sub-contractor hauliers as well. Unlike the past, Hauliers will no longer have to answer phone calls to update trucks’ progress and position, utilizing the unified data streams and real-time position information being tracked. Further, to optimize communication with customers, P&O Ferrymasters will house its dedicated Customer Portals with this real-time positioning information.

“By integrating ghCore into its enterprise system, P&O Ferrymasters gives a ringing endorsement of our technology. ghCore is a game changer in the way that logistics are tracked and managed and P&O Ferrymasters now has a more efficient way to manage assets across its business,” says Jesper Bennike, CEO of GateHouse Logistics A/S.