POINTek Launches Latest Ultrawide Broadband Athermal AWG
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POINTek Launches Latest Ultrawide Broadband Athermal AWG

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 3, 2021

POINTek launches next-generation Ultrawide Broadband Athermal AWG (AAWG) product family having Super Gaussian AAWG. 

FREMONT, CA: POINTek, a provider of high-performance athermal AWGs, launches next-generation Ultrawide Broadband Athermal AWG (AAWG) product family having Super Gaussian AAWG.  POINTek's new Super Gaussian AAWGs are developed to support 200Gbps data transmission with exceptionally low insertion loss and wider passband features different from conventional AAWGs. This latest product is based on an IP optical packaging technology capitalizing on registered thermalization patents.

The new Super Gaussian AAWGs go beyond WDM network applications, extending to cable TV networks.  The Super Gaussian AAWGs will help P2P Coherent Optics in the cable network for the 200Gbps data rate.  Specifically, DWDM filter loss was posted 11dB for the 200Gbps DP-QPSK modulation data transmission over the dual optical fiber link.  The specification shows the Link Budget of 9.3dB with a projected reach distance of 37.2 Km. The cable environments could shorten this distance with optimal fiber loss and the additional optical components like DCM or switch.  The saving of 6dB for the link budget on POINTek's low insertion loss Super Gaussian AAWG becomes into a raise of 24Km additional reach, doubling the distance reach.  Therefore, POINTek's new AAWG is quite a match for high-speed coherent optics-powered technology offering, and it meets broadband data consumption and delivery in situ.

The Super Gaussian AAWG represents the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) product differentiation points for AWG-based optical devices. The product strategy differs from competitors where they focus on "low price" with some measured risk reliability and operational instability. POINTek sharpened its packaging technology and made it for its distinct USP points in creating high-performance AAWGs with the following features and characteristics.

All AAWG products are different, and POINTek's AAWG is completely individually customized.  Every AWG vendor searches specific discrimination solutions, but POINTek's optical packaging not only lets the Company manufacture customized AAWGs but also refines its thermalization technology one level high, the right candidate for ultra-wide broadband with low insertion loss.  This meets the customer's unique operational environment optimally.