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Polte Launches Mobile IoT Location Platform

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 7, 2021

FREMONT, CA – Polte Corporation, a leading provider of advanced cloud location over cellular (C-LoC), announced the commercial beta launch of mobile internet of things (IoT) location platform, which will enable enterprises and IoT developers to access its advanced cellular-based location solutions. The company will allow the customers to integrate its cloud location into their products over cellular technology.

The company is located in Texas, U.S., with its headquarters in Dallas. It is a leader in developing cloud location over cellular (C-LoC) solutions. Polte’s cloud-based platform utilizes 4G and 5G mobile IoT signals to equip IoT devices with real-time location determination capabilities, including indoor and outdoor environments.

The members of Polte’s strategic partner program (SSP) will be able to access the Polte-enabled mobile IoT devices, direct engineering support, and the Polte Cloud API. Polte will provide hands-on assistance to SSP members in the designing, development, and deployment stages to leverage the C-LoC in enhancing supply chain management, reducing loss, tracking pallets, preventing spoilage, and so on.

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Over the years, there is an increase in mobile IoT networks on a global level, including NB-IoT, LTE-M, CAT-M, and 4G LTE. The integration of Polte’s C-LoC with these networks will give rise to a new class of low-cost and long-life devices with a far superior location solution. The SSP has provided an opportunity for companies across the U.S. to adopt the solution for the development of distinct and enhanced IoT solutions. The integration of Polte’s C-LoC with the approaches of innovative companies will potentially expand the capabilities of mobile IoT.

The integration of Polte’s location solution in their devices will enable the IoT developers and solution providers to eliminate GPS and GNNS by utilizing global mobile IoT networks. Polte’s location solution offers robust and accurate tracking capabilities, ranging from a wide-area outdoor coverage of rural and dense urban regions to narrow indoor coverage, including the inside of a vehicle or a house. The powerful cloud-based chip-to-cloud software solution offers the unparalleled capabilities of tracking and locating the enabled devices.

The potential benefits of the SSP program have attracted major organizations to invest in the location solution, including fleet management firms, beverage manufacturers, large-scale manufacturing plants, and wearable developing companies.