Polymaker and Covestro Unveils New Range of Polycarbonate-Based 3D Printing Materials

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 29, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Polymaker, a producer of high-quality filament for Extrusion-Based Desktop 3D printers releases Polymaker PC, a new line of polycarbonate-based materials.

The new material family incorporates Polymaker PC-Plus and PC-Max, which have been formulated and engineered to bring polycarbonate to the Extrusion-Based Desktop 3D printers. The material was made by lowering the printing temperatures from 300 - 320 ºC down to a moderate 250 - 270 ºC, and significantly improving the warping resistance. Making it well suited for mechanically demanding applications it extends enhanced rugged mechanical properties.

Polymaker PC was a result of the combined effort of Polymaker’s collaboration with Covestro, formerly Bayer Material Science who is now a supplier of innovative, sustainable and diverse high-tech polymer materials. By providing the raw polycarbonate resins for Polymaker PC, Covestro team aids the company to enhance the formulation of the polycarbonate 3D filament to imbue it with unprecedented properties and functionalities for 3D printing.

“Covestro’s expertise, portfolio of products and industry leadership will be invaluable to our mission to provide the industry with the best materials with the performance, reliability and safety that will inspire our customers and expand our product portfolio,” says Dr. XiaofanLuo, CEO,Polymaker.

The filament can resist temperature over 100 °C making it suitable for lighting, engineering, and practically any device or part that requires good structural stability when exposed to heat. Fully compatible with  desktop 3D printing, parts made with Polymaker PC show much improved mechanical strength under different deformation modes. It also offers easy processing by sanding, coating, or other methods to suit the users’ functional demands. Intrinsic flame retardance, optical clarity, and resistance to chemicals and solvents are the additional functional properties included.

“We see the integration of our high-tech polymer materials in the field of 3D printing as a means to drivenext-generation design and production solutions. We are very excited to work with Polymaker as we enter this burgeoning industry,” comments Tim Efthimiady, Senior Vice President, Polycarbonate Business Unit, Covestro.