Portable Universal Mobile Dock Changes the Operating Aspect of Gamers and Writers
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Portable Universal Mobile Dock Changes the Operating Aspect of Gamers and Writers

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 8, 2016

CINCINNATI, OH: Portability is a term which is synonymous to the present world. In a fast paced life, people prefer multi-tasking on the go. And like people, technology too is becoming multipurpose. A testimony to this is the R&D kit from TREWGrip, named TREWGrip Mobile Dock.

The kit includes a handheld mobile dock, with LED indicator keys that help locate the typing keys which are at the back of the dock. There are two docking plates, smaller one for mobiles and the larger for tablets and a micro-USB charging cord with wall plug. The Mobile Dock unit is a prototype designed to work with existing technology platforms, and is intended for research, development and training purposes.

"While much of the focus for enterprise mobility has been on apps and security, what workers really need are tools that allow them to be mobile and productive. The purpose of TREWGrip is to make enterprise mobility a reality by enabling mobile workers to be productive while sitting, standing or moving around in the field," says Mark Parker, President, TREWGrip.

The keyboard has built-in air mouse and game controller capabilities. Users can control the mouse movement and game interactions by tilting and turning the device. With a universal dock and Bluetooth HID connectivity, it supports multiple devices and platforms. Its Bluetooth capability allows for connection up to 3 devices at the same time. They also have three sizeable handgrips which make for comfort from one person to the next.

"We see TREWGrip evolving into a computing platform that can take enterprise mobility to the next level," adds Parker. "We want to get TREWGrip into the hands of people building enterprise mobility solutions so they can put the device and rear-typing to the test in real-world scenarios.”

Notable features of the mobile dock include a lithium polymer battery with 15 hours usge time, 3 Degree Of Freedom (DOF) and is compatible with different OS types including Windows, Android and Mac.