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Position of Big Data in the Cloud Environment

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Since the last decade, the surge in data accumulation both on the social and the professional frontier has made data mining an important aspect of the business. Big data analytics has helped transform the customer experience landscape by processing human behavior, customer preferences, market and social trends in the market scenario. Business intelligence has minimized risk factor for industries across the economy with a better market assessment of demographics, geography, socio-political culture, and technology adaptation. Consequently, these data help companies target the right population and retain higher customer loyalty.

As more and more IT professionals are opting for the cloud to run their technology stack, structured data and unstructured data can be accessed and assessed from remote areas. Moreover, the information from multitude source of unstructured data, streaming data, and IoT devices can now be divided and analyzed in the cloud for data cleaning as well as finding a market pattern. This accommodation of ever-increasing data within the company premise or private network had been a difficult challenge previously.

The transition of storing and processing data in the cloud has significantly reduced IT, on-premise hardware cost, and space within the company network. Furthermore, companies can leverage and mine the existing data in the cloud to create better assessment reports.

But to each upside there is a downside; data security within the cloud has become a major concern as cyber-attacks and firewall breaches are on the rise. 2017 alone was affected by numerous malicious malware and bugs such as WannaCry, Petya, and Cloudbleed. Additionally, skill gap of integrating data in the cloud within the IT professionals, and move from the traditional system is severely hampering cloud transition.

In this environment, companies can hire data scientists with a diverse background, create data pipeline analysis to apply the best cloud infrastructure, and integrate with IaaS, PaaS or SaaS services to overcome some of the major challenges.

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