Postano Launches Hashtag Analytics to Provide Visual Insight for Social Campaigns

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 3, 2015

FREMOT, CA: Postano, a social curation and visual marketing platform, launches Hashtag Analytics, a new self-service solution to provide marketers with deep, visual, cross-network social analytics generated around the hashtags they are promoting.

The key features of the Hashtag Analytics include:

Unified Network Platform

Apart from tracking brand hashtags from Twitter and Instagram, marketers can also add and track insight around hashtags from their other social accounts like Facebook, Youtube, Vine, Google+ and more.

Demographic Data for Campaign Participants

Postano’s partnership with StatSocial, a social media analytics platform gives an unprecedented look at the demographics and influencer analytics of audience participating in a particular hashtag campaign. It helps marketers to point out who their audience is and who it should be. The Demographics dashboard insight about fans' interests, favorite brands, influencers they follow and TV shows they watch.

Contexual Measurement of UGC

The tool gives insight into user-generated content (UGC) by letting marketers click on each chart and see the report behind it. For both UGC and content published by the brand, it provides engagements trends for each hashtag. Contexual data will give a view how a brand’s specific campaign is performing and get context into what posts fans are responding to.

Fan Base Insights

Positive or negative, Hashtag Analytics lets keeps marketing agencies informed on how their fans are feeling about their campaigns. Using such information marketers can gear up their strategies and actions to better their efforts and improve their marketing campaigns.

"The hashtag has evolved to become the primary call to action for most campaigns. However, marketers have been struggling with the simple act of measurement and analysis around the hashtags they are promoting, often requiring several reports from multiple solutions just to produce a comprehensive view of hashtag performance. Hashtag Analytics will change that. Setup couldn't be simpler and yet it provides tremendous insight in a highly interactive and visual format," says Justin Garrity, president, Postano.