Power Hedge Fund Firm Opts Energy Trading Software from Molecule
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Power Hedge Fund Firm Opts Energy Trading Software from Molecule

By CIOReview | Monday, May 26, 2014

HOUSTON, TX: Joule Partners LP, a power hedge fund based in Houston has selected Molecule Software for enhancing business processes after assessing diverse commodity trading management solutions.

Molecule is easy to use energy trading software and can be deployed in just 24 hours. Its natural language trade capture allows traders to enter complex energy transactions in seconds or have them flow in from Trading Technologies' X_Trader.  Its reporting engine presents position and profit/loss metrics in real time. It is hosted on Amazon's secure Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) infrastructure and also has a physical inventory support and built-in data download capabilities. 

As Soleja, Molecule’s CEO said to Molly Ryan of Houston Business Journal, “Molecule’s product allows companies to track trades and calculate risk-related metrics, such as profit and loss and mark to market comparisons, a measure of accounts that can change over time. Any company trading power, gas or crude oil — such as a small hedge fund or a city’s municipal electric utility office — can use the software.”

Brandon Schwertner, President of Joule Partners, says, "This is a software company that actually understands what I do.  Molecule was THE most adaptable program for our proprietary strategy.  This product is better than what is considered turnkey in the market, which usually has high integration costs and customization requirements."