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Powering Smart Manufacturing with ERP

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 9, 2019

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has transformed the way how businesses were organized, arranged, outlined and designed their functional layout and allocated workforce to perform tasks. Technologies such as IoT, AI, cognitive computing, ML and others, the impact of automation has substantially been driving the processes of the smart manufacturing industries. Digitalizing almost all the operational paradigms of the manufacturing industry, integrated conceptualizations of IoT and ERP marks the onset of more intelligent manufacturing with value-added advancements.

The following are some of the benefits, future proofing smart manufacturing.

• Accelerating business automation

Enterprise resource planning offers flexible and realistic ways to streamline all the processes related to business. Further automating the workflow systems, ERP automation enables the workforce to focus on supervising and monitoring the automated methods, which adds to increased productivity and operational accuracy. Business automation reduces human dependency and fast processing.     

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• Enhancing customer experience

Helping the business organizations achieve customer satisfaction ERP solutions allows the business professionals to auto-schedule product delivery systems and check the inventory proceedings. ERP maintains accurate periodic-based customer follow-ups, provides a practical insight into service capabilities and involves customer-focus ideas.   

• Enabling deeper visibility and insightful decision-making

Backing the intelligent manufacturing industry with smart decision-making analytics, ERP offers useful insights about initiating critical business-level proceedings. Also, with high-tech visibility options, ERP enables the workforce and the managers to monitor and manage processes from remote locations.

With advanced ERP features, smart factories are optimizing almost all their daily performance routines, ensuring smooth and conflict-free internal departmental interactions, and gaining high returns on investment. Integrating various innovative technologies, ERP has made a positive mark and sought the attention of the business owners. Smart industries are now adopting and using ERP concepts at a rapid pace.