Precima All-Set to Provide Actionable Customer Insights to Morrison

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Bryan Pearson, President, LoyaltyOne

Bryan Pearson, President, LoyaltyOne

PLANO, TX: Grocer Morrisons signed a new multi-year agreement with AllianceData to use Precima's expertise in analyzing data and generating insights to improve customers' shopping trips. Precima is customer analytics service provided by LoyaltyOne, a subsidiary of AllianceData which is a global provider of data-driven marketing and LoyaltyOne solutions.

Bryan Pearson, President, LoyaltyOne says, “Identifying a business opportunity a few years ago LoyaltyOne created Precima, a consulting, analytics and software solutions provider focused on using transaction-level data to understand the behavior of our clients' customers." Under this agreement, Precima’s expertise will work with the food retailer Morrisons to improve the customer’s retail experience by listening and responding to what the customer wants. Morrisons is a retail firm providing a competitive, permanently low price and price matching facility.  

Precima offers Stock Keeping Units (SKU) service for many mid-to large-size businesses such as grocers, to enhance their planning and operations by pricing optimization, promotional planning, assortment optimization, targeted marketing and supplier collaboration. Further, it democratizes shopper’s insight by conducting in-depth, 360 degree analysis of customer’s behavior. The expertise also builds an advanced analytical model by determining the potential expenses a shopper spend.

The analytics is further divided into various categories—department, sub-department which is displayed in graphs or table format to determine the largest areas of growth potential in terms of stores, shopper, and category.   Bryan explains, “Precima continues to make inroads in a data-rich, mobile and increasingly global competitive marketplace, helping build competitive advantage and loyalty through customer-centricity."