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Precision Referral Management: Physicians Remotely can Treat Virtually!

By CIOReview | Friday, July 5, 2019

Geography no longer separates state-of-the-art medical care and patients in need of it. The Telehealth Manager platform provides organizations with the capacity to manage, organize, coordinate, and plan all the resources needed for cooperative healthcare activities readily, remotely.

FREMONT, CA: Eceptionist extends its partnership with CritiCall Ontario, a dynamic healthcare deliverer. “Our product works seamlessly from the creation of the referral through to the triaging of the request and the subsequent routing of the eConsult and/or scheduling of the in-person or virtual e-visit—all while doing this within the guidelines and network rules of the organization providing the service,” says Trey Havlick, CEO of Eceptionist.

With healthcare referrals, communication channels are multifaceted, and the systems in place for transmitting critical patient data are obsolete and often fail to fulfil environmental goals. The healthcare ecosystem requires technology and service that can send referrals to the correct suppliers while promoting the service's necessary workflow, network rules, and goals. Integrating these characteristics into the clinic of the physician and the general health systems presents difficulties, particularly with the effective leadership and coordination of referrals across the various points of a healthcare economy.

Eceptionist offers a cooperative cloud-based platform with extensive telehealth management and complicated scheduling modules for smart referral management and routing. Within this implementation, program innovation has guided the creation of cutting-edge software that can now be implemented widely to comparable programs around the globe. Over the years, Eceptionist has worked extensively on the onboarding method of the client to enhance the experience of execution and coaching continuously. The implementation is rich in alternatives, emphasizing is on assisting clients within the platform to comprehend, document, and achieve their project objectives.

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Eceptionist engages in a wide range of applications and helps streamline customer scheduling and communication processes, maximize the accessibility of processing, and produce real-time laboratory room, technology, and equipment usage data for better planning and management.

Securing its place in the list of Top 50 Healthcare Tech Companies, CIO Review, Eceptionist is the leading supplier of healthcare software solutions. Eceptionist has helped customers decrease expenses and optimize the delivery of their healthcare services since 2001. Organizations can better handle healthcare supplied across departments, sites, communities, ACOs, and nations by using the Eceptionist product family. With Eceptionist's Telehealth Manager, increased access to quality healthcare is now feasible. This web-based platform enables distributed multidisciplinary teams to provide individuals anywhere in the globe with much-needed healthcare.