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Predata Launches Enhanced Version of Predictive Analytics Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Predata introduced an enhanced version of its predictive analytics platform, bringing in a unique user experience that effectively presents insights from over 70,000 Predata risk signals in a consolidated dashboard view. With the enhanced design, Predata now provides access to its suite of predictive analytics tools to a broader user audience across its corporate, government and financial institution client base.

Hazem Dawani, CEO of Predata said, “In its simplest terms, Predata provide leading insights on geopolitical, economic and business risks before they happen. With this new interface, our machine learning and predictive analytics are accessible to a larger audience within our client institutions, such as managers and business leaders, who have a broad mandate but lack time to conduct a deep analysis. ''

With the advent of new dashboard interface, the Predata platform provides other functions as well which include- Analytics based on a country or industry and aware of the risk-assessment signals. Push alerts based on user-defined thresholds, curated data for over 25,000 events from 2010 to present, access to exclusive research and analyst support, and user-created signals and models trained on public or client-provided data

Joshua Haecker, VP Product and Analysis at Predata said, “Getting the risk information you need when you need it is the key. While Predata provides a breadth of complex analytical tools, our ultimate goal is to equip our clients with a user experience that allows them to quickly discover insights and helps inform their decision-making process.”

Predata’s clients span the government, financial and commercial sectors. Any instability abroad or any policy move by a central bank, knowing the risk factors can imapct and thereby influence a spectrum of decisions—from employee safety to overseas capital spending to asset management and investment decisions. Predata clients are using this platform to help accurately capture and anticipate sanctions against Russia, flare-ups in tensions between China and Taiwan, significant currency fluctuations such as the Japanese yen against the U.S. dollar, and more.