Prediabetic People to be Under Safe Zone in Coming Years with Valbiots' Supplement
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Prediabetic People to be Under Safe Zone in Coming Years with Valbiots' Supplement

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Discovery of plant extraction by French biotech is the initial step to reduce blood glucose level in patients with phase II diabetics.

FREMONT, CA: Valbiotis, a developer of nutrition solution to prevent cardiometabolic diseases and provides nutritional support for patients, has discovered a combination of extracts from plants that have an effect on key organs such as pancreas, liver, and gut microbiome. The supplement is considered to be the first kind to be clinically approved for minimizing risk for phase II diabetes in Prediabetic people.

The company plans to commercialize the product in 2021, taking the major accounts in hand. Valbiotis plans to run a test in phase II trials of the supplement to reduce the risk of prediabetes in patients.

“Because of the richness of nature, plant extracts contain a lot of molecules that enable multi-target actions on different tissues; this is a really interesting way to act on metabolic tissues.” Murielle Cazaubiel, Director of Development and Medical Affairs at Valbiotis mentioned.

In a trial of phase II, the supplement is given to intake with placebo to 51 people with prediabetes. The result was diagnosed after six months, where the blood glucose level had reduced by nine percent. It also reduced the weight of the subject’s body weight by an average of two kilograms.

“We observe that compliance with lifestyle changes is weak. This is the reason why our product is a real innovation and will be a help for people who want to manage their health and fight against prediabetic status,” Cazaubiel added.

Although the practices of an unhealthy lifestyle are difficult to change, and the recommended lifestyle is to follow a balanced diet and daily exercise to reduce diabetes, this particular supplement can be useful. 

Incidentally, at present, the food supplement industries are in search of a solution to minimize diabetes and reduce the risk of people diagnosed with prediabetes. The companies in this platform believe that it could save millions of people. In addition to this, lately, a study by the Belgian research group found a  food supplement that reduces cardiovascular risks and diabetes.