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By CIOReview | Friday, January 5, 2018

Recently, GrapeCity Developer Solutions announced the release of new software for Spread.Net 11 and SpreadJS 11. The new software versions feature upgrades to the spreadsheet components, which include performance and memory footprint improvements, additional functions, and a restructured licensing format for JavaScript apps. The upgrade allows Spread.Net11 to process complex spreadsheets 80 percent faster while using only a fraction of the memory used by previous versions. With the introduction of 130 new calculation function Spread.NET 11 and SpreadJS 11 boast a total of 462 calculation functions. Additionally, the release features a new API with document properties for quicker, safer, and more intuitive spreadsheet development, along with support for formulas, workbook protection support, cell validators, and enhanced data validation.

The enhanced JavaScript libraries for SpreadJS 11 help solve enterprise spreadsheet requirements. The new distribution license for SpreadJS 11 ensures that customers can deploy to a single domain without purchasing separate distribution licenses, while still purchasing additional domains if required. Aside from the addition of new functions, Spread.Sheets includes charting support allowing the import and export of native Excel files with charts. GrapeCity addresses customer-reported issues, and continues to enhance SpreadJS, enabling it to maintain its position as the premier spreadsheet component in the market.

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