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Premio Launches New 2U KCO-2000 and 3U KCO-3000 Series Certification-Ready Computers

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Accelerate next-gen upgrades with KCO 2000 and 3000 certification-ready industrial computers for kiosks, security, ATMs, and surveillance, and mobile medical carts.

FREMONT, CA: Premio, an edge to cloud global ODM/OEM solutions provider in industrial computing technology, launches its new 2U KCO-2000 and 3U KCO-3000 Series certification-ready computers FCC, CE, and UL Listed options. The KCO Series industrial computers assists system builders boost time-to-market through sub-assembly computers that can quickly scale into larger system-level configurations.

Certification-ready industrial computers are embedded computing solutions that serve as critical building blocks for enterprise and IoT applications that need processing. The KCO Series industrial computers are commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computing solutions that offer reliability, regulatory safety, and embedded longevity with Premio’s extended lifecycle support. These certification-ready industrial computers are deployable in IoT applications in markets for kiosks, ATMs, security and surveillance, metrology and automation inspection, and mobile medical carts.

The KCO-2000 and KCO-3000 Series were purpose-built for industrial computing, offering system builders and integrators with a certification-ready computer for quick mass deployment.  As an ultra-reliable certification-ready solution, the KCO Series serves the ongoing evolution of Industry 4.0 technologies by boosting customers’ solutions into their markets at a competitive pace.

The KCO-2000 Series helps a single 2.5” SSD or a single 2.5” HDD, while the KCO-3000 Series assists a single 3.5” HDD or a single 2.5” SSD. Dual M.2 onboard connectors improve device connectivity and storage. The KCO Series is armed with TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module), offering boot security and platform integrity at the hardware level by avoiding malware from affecting critical systems. The TPM root vital allows encryption for device applications and offers password authentication that lets system access only to trusted parties.

Additionally, the KCO Series is integrated with an external dust filter; the filter is conveniently washable and significantly mitigates the potential for dust to enter the system and damage the sensitive internal components.