Premium Programmatic Direct Advertising launched as Zynga and Rubicon Project Join Hands

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2016

Fremont, CA: In a major step-forward, Zynga, a leading social game developer joined forces with Rubicon Project, operator of one of the largest advertising marketplaces making Zynga’s premium guaranteed and reserved inventory accessible to the marketers via programmatic buying. Zynga’s premium guaranteed inventory was previously available via manual sales channels only. Through this business association, Zynga’s premium guaranteed inventory would now be available to programmatic buyers globally. Ad units which merge highly creative and unique content, and that are highly sought after are included in this inventory. This inventory also includes gamified and native ads with features such as limited interruption, sponsorship placements and first party data insights.

 This will be the first time in history that Zynga’s game inventory will be available via automated guaranteed, and buyers will have access to the full suite of inventory via buying channels which are automated. The association and the benefits which can be reaped form the same has made Julie Shumaker, Vice President of Sales, Zynga all excited about the things to come. When asked about the benefits this collaboration will bring, Julie said “By marrying Zynga’s rich data insights and compelling brand experiences with Rubicon Project’s leading automated advertising marketplace we’re making it easier for brands to more meaningfully connect with Zynga’s millions of loyal players.”

The buyers and other enthusiasts will now be allowed to access premium reserved publisher inventory through programmatic buying. Also, they would enjoy some additional benefits when it comes to custom publisher solutions. These additional benefits would include sponsorships, rising stars, in-game and native placements. The Guaranteed Orders platform that Rubicon Project will provide makes the purchase, execution and development of gaming experiences more effective and efficient with minimum creative inputs required from the associated brand or client.

Though this collaboration has still been kept under cover, Zynga and Rubicon Project are planning to officially draw the curtains and announce their new relationship on stage at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which is to be held January 7.