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Preparing insurance for the age of connected technology: how Allstate, Unum and FM Global are taking advantage

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Both in terms of the way insurance products are accessed and in the way they are created, technology is at the heart of significant disruption.

More products are becoming available through digital channels and to keep up with the fast pace of technological development, we now know that product development also must become more agile and responsive.

Technology represents carriers’ best chance at outstripping competitors in terms of product development, efficiency and customer experience. However, with so many new technical possibilities available (many of which are relatively unexplored), there is also ample opportunity for them to overspend and underdeliver.

Essentially, artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and Blockchain promise much, but are carriers equipped and ready to take advantage? We teamed up with Jaap de Vries Ph.D, VP Innovation, Science and Technology, at FM Global, Mike Hendry, Technology Capability Officer,Unum and Allstate’s Director of Technology Innovation, Roman Dumiak in this exclusive whitepaper.

Access the whitepaper for insights into:

Assessing the likely impact of technological innovations without integrating them wholesale

Bridging the gap between product development and application: utilize the lean ‘start-up’ method to allow for agile changes

Incorporating findings from previous tests (successful or not)

Fusing human and machine for maximum effect: Allow technology to do manual, time-consuming tasks whilst keeping the human element needed for personal and intuitive customer service

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