PressurePro and AMETEK VIS Launches CAN-Communicator to Deliver Real Time Tire Performance Data

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 3, 2015

HARRISONVILLE, MO: Advantage PressurePro, a developer and producer of external tire monitoring system (TPMS) and AMETEK VIS, a designer of precision instrumentation, controllers and display systems, are partnering to manufacture and offer an integrated CAN-Communicator 2-inch (C-Com 2G) graphic display that deliver real-time tire performance data.

PressurePro TPMS system provides visual and audible alerts during dangerous low-pressure situation no matter vehicles are in motion or static. It is easy to install without the requirement of any additional tool and cost along with assistant to minimize maintenance costs, fuel usage and save tire tread.

AMETEK VIS C-COM 2G CAN-Communicator offers graphic display in a compact 2 inch rugged and adaptable gauge form factor that can be utilized in any existing instrumentation through a connected SAE J1939 (CAN) data bus. The gauge shows active and stored data as well as diagnostics specified by customers. It features an optional analog input, adjustable backlight control, option to store data in non-volatile memory and 106 X 56 pixels backlit liquid crystal display offering clear and readable graphics. The gauge can be deployed on heavy trucks, buses, coaches, forklifts, wheel loaders, cranes and other construction equipments.

Now the integrated display provides real-time tire performance metrics as well as PressurePro’s entire array of alerts, including alarms for low pressure (2 levels of alerts), high pressure, high temperature, fast leaks and cross axle discrepancy.

“The display’s IP67 rating ensures top ruggedness and performance in even the harshest of conditions while the small and attractive view able makes it suitable across several vehicle markets,” says Edward Lutsko, TM of PressurePro.

The integrated solution can be quickly installed by Original Equipment Manufacturers or by individuals as it caters flexible and functional display.