Presto: The Real-Time Team Interaction Tool From BlackbookHR

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 4, 2015

CINCINNATI, OH: Presto, the latest release by BlackbookHR - people intelligence platform; is primarily targeted to provide managers and web app teams with a real time feedback and a better employee engagement platform.

Determined to transform the employee engagement routine, Chris Powell, CEO BlackbookHR and a former human resources executive at Scripps Networks Interactive, quotes, “The way we work has changed. But the way we measure and understand employees hasn’t.” He further adds, “In our real-time, mobile world, leaders need to check in with their teams frequently. Annual surveys and group emails aren’t a good way to do that. So we developed Presto to help teams share ideas and updates through quick pulse surveys.”

Supported on multiple devices and browsers, Presto has been designed for specific cases like, Sales managers who need to consistently monitor with their teams regarding progress and targets. Also, for leaders who need quick feedbacks from a group without interrupting individual schedules and also for Virtual teams to stay in touch about projects.

“Collaboration is a game-changer for employee engagement,” Powell says. “Our own team uses Presto to share feedback about the status of development projects, check in about how people are feeling and poll the group about upcoming social events. When people work in a collaborative environment, they’re more likely to enjoy their jobs and feel positive about their work relationships.”

 Presto has been released as free for survey with recipients 50 and below. There are four protocols for answering the questions asked, the first being where the user has to answer in yes/no, secondly there would be an option to select from multiple choices, thirdly to answer using Likert scale (Strongly agree to Strongly disagree) and lastly as an open ended response.