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Prevention of Security Risks to Enterprises

By CIOReview | Friday, May 17, 2019

The increasing numbers of incidents in which enterprises have faced cyber security issues and malware attacks have proved that improvement in security is extremely important. Most organizations have their security systems in place that are meant to deal with threats. But every other day, new instances of breach highlight the failure of these security systems. Various factors lead to such cases of failures. 

The pertinent challenges that companies face include a complacent approach to cybersecurity issues. Most companies fail to secure and update their systems. These systems lack the tools to address the newest malware threats and increase the risks of an attack. Once risked, the recovery is also affected if the backups have not been appropriately managed and tested.

Companies generally consider the security infrastructure robust, while it lacks many things. This is caused because of the tendency to believe that what has worked previously for the company's cybersecurity will always keep working. This tendency has aptly been termed as “we’ve always done it this way” or WADITWay. This notion can make the security system vulnerable in the long run.

To prevent the WADITWay from settling in, it is crucial that the companies recognize and acknowledge it. To check if a company is succumbing to WADITWay, the right questions need to be asked. These include questions relating to whether there are better alternatives to the current technology in place, whether loyalty to a particular vendor is not allowing an upgrade and whether smaller threats are being ignored frequently.

Mitigating the risk of attacks can be ensured through a comprehensive approach towards better cybersecurity practices. A group of trained individuals can prove to be a blessing and would subsequently lead to a dynamic and active security management culture. The security should stay relevant and up to date to be able to block off attacks. An efficient recovery process can make the companies resilient against security threats, and proper backup practices can help the companies recover lost data. Continuous inspection and audit of all the systems and data can help plug loopholes. 

Finally, every threat or security breach should be taken as a lesson. Examples can teach companies to actively work towards preventing similar disasters in the future and empower them with the best cybersecurity practices and tools. 

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