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Preymake Hires to Bring More Experience to the Team

By CIOReview | Saturday, December 12, 2020

Preymaker announced three significant hires to bring a wide range of experience that consists of collaborations with the industry’s top directors.

FREMONT, CA: Preymaker, launched by industry leaders Angus Kneale, Melanie Wickham, and Verity Grantham, is an innovative technology studio that announced three significant hires in October. Jasper Kidd, Alan McSeveney, and Jamie Scott have joined the team. They will bring a wide range of experience consisting of collaborations with the industry’s top directors on high-profile awarding winning work.

“Preymaker is built on three key pillars: technology, creativity and most importantly, our people,” said Kneale. “Were building on that foundation by taking-on three extremely talented individuals. Jamie and Jasper are exceptional creative forces and Alan is a brilliant technical mind. They are all best-in-class with skills and a body of work that reflect a dynamic between creativity and technology, integral to what we do at Preymaker. We count ourselves fortunate to have all three of these talents who are excited about-facing challenges, innovating and doing things in a different way.”

The award-winning creative Jasper Kidd is a cinefile who Kneale defined as a rare breed of artist skillful across live-action and highly technical CGI disciplines. The most recent work he has done is as a VFX Supervisor on the fantasy drama film Wendy with the Oscar-nominated Beasts of the Southern Wild director, Benh Zeitlin. Before this, Kidd was on staff at Absolute Post, Rainmaker, and The Mill, with the knowledge of an animator, compositor, designer, and director. Furthermore, his advertising credits comprise Hennessey’s The Piccard’s and Major and SonyPlaystation’s The King and Star Wars Battlefront. He has pushed the bar working with directors like Daniel Wolfe, Martin De Thurah, Wayne McClammy, and Chris Cunningham.

“What I’m most excited about at Preymaker is to keep my inner polymath alive and to grow in all the incredible areas evolving in our industry,” Kidd said. “From crafting exceptional work, and exploring the incredible opportunities of the cloud, to all the exciting possibilities of real-time. While the advantages of our new model are innumerable, I also relish the challenges of being on the bleeding edge in that we are having to invent all the things that must exist to live in this new paradigm.” 

“At Preymaker we are implementing cutting-edge technology and a scalable structure, allowing us to grow and collaborate globally, and give everybody the latest tool-sets they need to stay one step ahead,” McSeveney said. “I’m responsible for everything from remote setups for our staff todesigning cloud architecture and the entire workflow, ensuring the work flows as cohesively and efficiently as possible. I also manage security to assure confidentiality for our clients and their campaigns. All this presents stimulating challenges; the simpler we want our operations; the more complex things have to be on the backend to make it simple for everybody else. I have my work cut out for me, but in a good way.”