Princeton Revamps the Management Team with Experienced Executive Professionals

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 10, 2016

PRINCETON, NJ: Princeton Alternative Funding, an investment management company, in its ;attest move has appointed Howard Davner as Chief Executive Officer, Jack Cook as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, and Jeff Davner as Executive Vice President.

The Princeton Alternative Income Fund seeks superior returns by funding businesses while making consumer loans in the Alternative Lending Marketplace. It comprehends over 110 million unbanked customers enabling growth potential for the unparalleled fund. The platform creates opportunity for institutional investors to leverage substantial returns in the non prime, small business lending space. The solution aims at funding throughout the Continental United States and across multiple verticals and demographics.

The Princeton Alternative Funding has partnered with Microbilt Corporation, a non-prime risk analyzer, in monitoring underwriting process and enhancing world- class analytics. It also offers simple, cost- effective solutions and streamlines wide selection the data products for fraud prevention, consumer financing, debt collection, and background screening through web services integration.

Howard Davner, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer is the founder and principal member of Terrapin Advisors and Ryett Capital Partners. A former New York Stock Exchange seat holder and an Equity Specialist for Goldman Sachs, he has in his illustrious career focused on small to mid cap companies.

The Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, Jack cook, has been recognized for his expertise in compliance. He is an experienced Fixed Income trader with good understanding of market trends and behavior in equity and commodity markets.

Jeff Davner is a Wall Street registered representative for multiple brokerage firms and is presently appointed as the Executive Vice president of Princeton Alternative Funding. He is the co-founder of terrapin Advisors and ATL consulting.

"We're pleased to welcome this experienced executive team to lead Princeton Alternative Funding's next phase of growth. They each have a deep understanding of the market and a track record of success. As a team, we're confident they'll achieve even more for our fund and clients," said Walt Wojciechowski, Chief Financial Officer, Princeton Alternative Funding.