PrintUI Allows Access of Professional Web-to-Print Services Globally to Create Quality Materials for Businesses

By CIOReview | Monday, August 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA: PrintUI, a provider of SaaS solution for cloud-based web to print as well as web to web services, announces global availability of its cloud-based professional web to print services to support global marketing efforts.

The fully globalised cloud-based web to print services incorporates features including:

Localized Interfaces: The online design and editing tool and PrintUI’s InDesign interface panel can be localized enabling individuals to work in their language of choice while adhering to company specified branding guidelines.

Spell Check: In accordance with industry’s standard for spelling dictionaries, PrintUI’s spell check provides inline spell check by flagging misspellings as they are typed. The PrintUI spell check supports 23 languages and is in the process of adding more.

Document Editing: It allows editing documents in all the same languages currently supported by Adobe InDesign.

Automated Document Translation Support: By supporting XLIFF, the standard exchange format for translation software and translation memory solutions, it enables documents and design content to be automatically translated and then reviewed via the PrintUI online design and editing tool.

The growing popularity of the internet and the World Wide Web has opened up opportunities for commercial printers to communicate with their partners and customers to do things like submit print jobs, do online prepress reviews or previews, design things like postcards directly on a website using rich user interfaces, direct cross media marketing and offer services such as variable data printing, photo printing, booklets, marketing campaigns, and many more. Web-to-print sites are available for commercial users or to the general public.

“We’re very happy to announce full globalization for our cloud-based web to print services. In today’s market, the ability for a brand to grow business internationally is an exceptional opportunity and PrintUI is now able to support such efforts,” said Mark Hilton, founder and CEO, PrintUI.