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Privacy Ref Partners Nymit to Enhance Clients Privacy Management Accountability Framework

By CIOReview | Monday, April 4, 2016

BOYTON BEACH, FL: Privacy Ref, a consulting service provider and Nymit, a global research company in the field of accountability solution unveils an alliance to help the clients in developing privacy program by demonstrating compliance and accountability. Privacy Ref leverages Nymity’s Privacy Management Accountability Framework that will assist firms in accomplishing alignment for the privacy program with operational goals while bolstering the privacy activities.

Nymity Attestor, a privacy management software solution is deployed by Privacy Ref in order to ensure that business areas are accountable for executing applicable articles and letting companies to demonstrate compliance with related laws and regulations.

Accountability Implementation Services provided by Privacy Ref includes 20 days of consulting aiming to track the risk associated in the privacy program and executing Nymity Attestor. The consulting service firm will adopt and implement Nimity’s experience working in the field of enterprise privacy management. It will then utilize this expertise to manage Nymity Attestor environment to visualize and attest the success of the program.

"The research done by Nymity and the development of Nymity's Privacy Management Accountability Framework has provided an exceptional platform that has allowed Privacy Ref to work with our clients to achieve alignment across the enterprise" asserts Bob Siegel, Privacy Ref's President and Founder.

“Nymity Attestor is supported, fed and reinforced by the definition of a solid privacy program. Privacy Ref's experience will help organizations properly build and maintain the necessary policies and procedures” you know what is missing Terry McQuay, President and Founder of Nymity Inc.

Privacy Ref focuses on the alignment of privacy practices with client goals through assessment, consulting, coaching, and training services. It also helps customers in managing risks by enhancing organizational practices.