ProcessPro ERP Solution Amplifies Manufacturing Process for Chem-Pak

By CIOReview | Monday, February 8, 2016

SAINT CLOUD, MN: Chem-Pak, a recognized Aerosol and Chemical Packaging Industry and global supplier of distinct markets has incorporated ProcessPro’s ERP software solution to augment their aerosol and chemical manufacturing operation.

ProcessPro delivers mid-market ERP software solution for process manufacturing industry and also leads companies in integrating all aspect of plant operation in the workflow process that includes company’s order entry, manufacturing, packaging, shipping , inventory and accounting. ProcessPro’s ERP software solution to Chem-Park, will enhance its purchasing capability by modifying their older manufacturing process including a better improvement of the company’s Inventory Management.

“Chem-Pak saw great value in our ERP solution, especially our Materials Requirement Planning tool for purchasing and production.We look forward to helping them continue their tradition of providing quality products to their extensive customer base for many years to come,” says Joe Blauert, CEO, ProcessPro.

The firm helps process manufacturing companies to the overcome the deterrent related to manufacturing process  by linking all of business data through integrated business intelligence. It allows companies to enhance their business growth more efficiently and also helps drawing higher revenue. The solution aids Process manufacturing companies to track and develop their manufacturing process and by accurate planning and execution. It notifies company’s inventory management that includes purchasing process, inventory control, and also warehouse management services. The solutions guide company’s quality control process along with validation, and FDA compliance. ProcessPro has customized the software solution to strengthen the company’s sales. ProcessPro’s business intelligence service allows the organization to merge all information where companies can leverage the power of ERP. It also delivers a single real-time solution with transparent dashboards that provides broad, graphical, snapshots of productivity including transaction details that shares the information with partners.