Profitect Plans to Make Retail Technology Transparent and User friendly

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 1, 2015

WALTHAM, MA: Profitect cloud based software solution and perspective analytic provider for the retail industry announced its upcoming top retail technology for 2016.  They elucidate on how retailers will receive a controlled benefit model and migrate into getting to be "profit centers" in 2016.

At the conference numerous participants shared knowledge on their current enterprise growth scenario, future plans and how innovation will be a basic segment to accomplishing set methodologies and objectives for 2016.

The yearly user group conference unites staple, retail establishments and Fashion retailers, including Ahold USA, DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse, Ulta Beauty, Weis Markets and numerous other national and local brands including Zebra Technologies Corporation and McKinsey& Company to examine best practices and share victories acknowledged from executing prescriptive analytics.

Profitect forecasts five key retail tech methodologies in 2016 that will advance beyond the opposition:

Optimization- Utilizing assets with shrewd retail innovation like prescriptive analytics will enhance margin expansion, cross sell and up sell and promotional execution. Technology will allow associates to spend less time analyzing and more time executing on servicing customers.

Onsite and Online Retail Conversion-   Brands will increase conversions both in-store and online, ensuring consistent customer experience and to keep the impulse buys from web applications, while converting to in-store to keep profits growing.

Transparency- Client will have the capacity to see and look at stock in store and retailers will increase endeavors to make this a consistent procedure in 2016.

Localization- Customers will be able to know the easiest and fastest way to access retailers and products.

User friendly- 2016 will be the year retailers move past traditional business knowledge (BI) and comprehend the need to make information more noteworthy to increase essential shopper experiences and turn out to be more productive.

They hope in 2016, effective retailers will change over the client driven pattern into an open door for expanded deals and benefit and retailers will be well positioned for achievement in the year ahead.