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Progress Releases NativeScript 2.0 with Cross-Platform Deployment Capabilities

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 11, 2016

BEDFORD, MA: Progress has announced the release of NativeScript 2.0– the updated version of its open source JavaScript framework, NativeScript. The latest update supports the development of high-performing native mobile apps for both iOS and Android leveraging Google’s Angular 2 JavaScript framework.

"For more than one million developers using the Angular framework to write interactive web applications, the NativeScript 2.0 framework represents a giant leap forward—they can finally create zero-compromise mobile apps with Angular featuring truly native UI and performance," says Todd Anglin, Chief Evangelist and VP Technology, Progress.

NativeScript 2.0 enables developers to reuse existing skills and code from the web, thereby reducing the costs involved in mobile application development. The integration of Angular 2 minimizes the learning curve for developers who are skilled in web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This lets enterprises eliminate the need for hiring multiple developers with expertise in specific language or purpose.

"The NativeScript framework is paving the way for mobile application development." adds Brad Green, Engineering Director, Angular Google. "The Angular 2 RC and NativeScript solutions are a powerful combination that enables developers to use the same framework and code to build modern apps for the web and, now, native mobile apps."

With the updated version enterprises are required to develop only a single native mobile app for cross-platform deployment options. The solution also delivers maximum performance on both mobile devices as well as web platforms, thereby providing two-fold benefits for enterprises. Additionally, with JavaScript integrated for writing native apps and Angular 2 incorporated in the framework, NativeScript 2.0 facilitates code sharing between web and native apps.