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Progressive Manufacturing Solutions Suite is Out to Unfold Possibilities!

By CIOReview | Friday, July 12, 2019
Paul Noel, Chief Customer Officer

Paul Noel, Chief Customer Officer

Innovative solutions are a need for manufacturing firms to shape their transformational journey and make it more digital and agile.

FREMONT, CA: Recognized as a pioneering provider of spend management cloud solutions, Ivalua rolls out a pre-packaged suite of solutions for manufacturers. The new packages span the full source-to-pay process for all spend categories including direct materials, MRO, assets and tooling and indirect goods and services and provides the ability for manufacturers to deploy best practices within a single platform.

Global manufacturers are facing a constantly changing market, and they have unique requirements. The pre-packaged best practices empower them to build and maintain a competitive advantage and remain relevant for tomorrow by realizing value faster than ever.

This age is of business connectivity, and supplier contracts have evolved from an agreement between the buyer and supplier to a vital part of the entire procurement and supplier management lifecycle. Helping companies streamline day-to-day activities, Ivalua offers its full suite of solutions that address every aspect of workflow including supplier information management, sourcing, contracting, requisitioning, ordering, receiving, invoicing and payments. “Ivalua is unique in the extent to which custom fields, tables, alerts, and notifications may be configured into the contract management tool in conformance to the specific company and industry requirements,” remarks Paul Noel, Chief Customer Officer, Ivalua.

Marking a balance between the new technologies and old school approach, Ivalua is supporting their clients to stay on the leading edge of innovation. The company takes a different approach in designing and delivering products that delight customers and yield maximum growth and profitability. Ivalua is ranked among the top 20 most promising enterprise contract management solution providers by CIOReview. “Our path is to codify the industry-specific elements and offer that to other companies with similar needs,” adds Noel. “We are finding that industry-specific contracting principles even stretch across borders. Hence our geographic expansion into Latin America, Asia and more countries in Europe will also be a big push in the coming years.”
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