Project Insight's Project Management Software Gets a Facelift

By CIOReview | Friday, April 1, 2016

IRVINE, CA: The project and portfolio management software firm, Project Insight has recently come up with the latest version of Project Management Software 12.3 features. Project Insight helps mid-market companies centralize projects, balance resources, collaborate on project assets, track budgets and view real-time reports. Compliant with the PMBOK guide, Project Insight is available in both cloud and on-premise editions.

Wes Kliewer, Director of Training and Support, Project Insight declares, “We constantly work toward adding ease of use functionality for users at all levels, whether a team member, client, project manager or executive.”

The features of the latest release include among others a multiple task timer, the Mobile and Tablet Interface, enabling the feature of adding new invoice record reports as well as making REST API available for Project requests.

The company’s tested feature, Task Timer has been brought back based on customer feedback. It allows users to launch multiple timers on multiple tasks. The update helps users to close the timer at any time without being worried of losing their data. It also enables the user to see the time as data is stored in the server.   

The refurbished mobile interface of the company empowers customers with the latest software innovations without any compromise of quality. It reflects the product's current look and feel, and if a customer has custom interface branding applied, the unique look and feel will display on the mobile app as well.

Project Insight’s most powerful feature that has been given an upgrade is the software's customizable reports, including Invoice Record Reports. The Invoice Record Report designed as a record of the approved time and expenses that have been invoiced to a customer, or passed via integration to an accounting system. It offers many customized options such as filters by company, custom fields on the project or company forms, groupings and more.