Project Overlord Launches RimTech: A Wheel Theft Detection Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Project Overlord, provider of anti-theft, alarm and tracking device for multi-purpose vehicle wheels features its debut product entitled RimTech. The product incorporates built-in GPS, motion sensor, and camera that is attached to the tire act as a security guard for automobile wheels. Extending total control and surveillance at all times, the vehicle owner can control the device through the accompanying iPhone and Android app. 

RimTech will sound a continuous alarm to avert the thief and inform the owner through a push notification on their phone with a closer approach of 3 inches.  A second mobile alert will be sent to the owner if the wheels are removed simultaneously informing the police about the property’s location and owner’s vehicle information. The vehicles real-time location can be tracked using RimTech app. With respect to these, the solution also rectifies the problem of false alarms to police departments by immediately alerting vehicle owner without compromising security.

"The auto industry has yet to introduce a fully comprehensive and effective wheel theft prevention system to the marketplace. Wheel locks are totally ineffective and can be removed in seconds. RimTech is the solution. Project Overlord not only wants to protect your vehicle and its wheels, but also intends to partner with insurance companies to offer discounts for protected drivers,” explains Terrence Gaskin, Founder &CEO,Project Overlord. “

The major product highlights are: it alerts users on tampered or stolen wheels; sets alarm if parked wheels are approached or move more than 3mm; tracks stolen wheels and notifies authorities; and captures at least 25 photos of surroundings and thief.