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ProLogic Retail Services Introduces Loyalty Programs in Retail Grocery Stores

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 12, 2016
Ross Ely, President and CEO, ProLogic Retail Services

Ross Ely, President and CEO, ProLogic Retail Services

DELRAY BEACH, FL: ProLogic Retail Services, a third party provider of loyalty marketing solutions to independent grocers, recently announced the adoption of their technology by Ace Hardware for enabling loyalty program in retail grocery stores.

While supermarket retailers continue to adapt to changing consumer demands, industry issues and regulations affecting their businesses, loyalty programs have become a key tool in retailer marketing strategies. In order to manage client heterogeneity adequately, grocery stores are implementing different types of programs: reward programs (RP), loyalty cards (LC) and VIP programs to achieve consumer loyalty.

“Our loyalty solution serves as a platform onto which third-party enhancements can be added; including fuel rewards programs, receipt-scanning rebate programs and beacon apps,” says Ross Ely, president and CEO of ProLogic Retail Services. “Our platform delivers personalized discounts, points-based rewards and other offers based on a quantitative analysis of shoppers’ purchases. We work closely with our grocery retailers to understand their unique requirements and develop customized loyalty solutions aimed at increasing the retailers' sales and profits.”

By combining technology, consulting, and customer support in a marketing platform, the company helps create a range of loyalty programs - from simple digital coupons to complex, targeted marketing campaigns. “We have over 10 million households enrolled in our loyalty programs with grocery retailers,” says Ely. “We are delighted to team up with Ace Hardware to bring this capability to their grocery retailers by enabling promotions and discounts on Ace Hardware products at the grocery checkout benefiting both consumers and grocery retailers."

Ace Hardware works in both "store-within-a-store" configurations as well as adjacent storefronts with the engaging retail grocers to offer one-stop shopping for consumers. With the onset of ProLogic's technology, the Ace Rewards program will now be able to provide discounts to shoppers through the grocer's point-of-sale (POS) system. "We are pleased to add this capability to the Ace Rewards program in Ace Hardware retail grocery stores," said Rick Williams, Vice President of IT, Ace Hardware. “Using ProLogic technology, we can now offer a wide range of discounts and promotions delivered in the grocery checkout lane."

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