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Promise Technology Builds Alliance with Symply to Strengthen Media Storage Solutions

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 13, 2016

MILPITAS, CA: Today, Media and Entertainment industry is facing a very tough competition in media storage solutions. To survive in the competition industries are upgrading their technologies every day. Promise Technology, a hardware and software storage architecture firm has allied with Symply to enhance the storage solution quality for the growing media market.

James Lee, CEO, Promise Technology, says, “Existing rich media customers can rest assured that they will continue to see the great quality and support from Promise that they are used to, while the two companies collaborate to ensure a seamless transition. Similarly for partners and suppliers, Promise and Symply are committed to maintain the long-term relationships without interruption and disruption.”

Promise Technology has been a trusted distributer of storage products of IT, cloud, surveillance and rich media markets. The company has recently launched Apollo personal cloud storage for consumers. Symply delivers high-performance digital storage for media creators and content owners that ranges from single editor to an entire facility.

Symply specializes in customer insight and in its approach towards customer expectations. The solution is easy to use with advanced technology that can integrate with top-in-class engineering expertise and technology. Promise Technology’s media products will soon be available across Americas, The U.K., France and Germany to assists Symply in offering some unique rich media customers’ solution.

“Symply comprises a team of the best industry veterans," explained Alex Grossman, CEO, Symply. "We are poised and ready to take care of the needs unique to the rich media market, and make sure the transition is smooth.”