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Promise Technology Facelifts Security Market with All-New NVR Appliances

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 3, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Promise Technology declares its new solutions—Vess A2330 and Vess A3340 to be their new Network Video Recorder appliances for IP video surveillance. The new solutions are cost effective and reliable for small-sized surveillance projects and also applicable for mid-sized surveillance deployments.

“The new Vess solutions are custom designed for video surveillance and include unique technologies to overcome performance bottlenecks and handle a higher number of IP cameras than competing solutions. Plus, as retention times grow, Vess can easily expand to meet the new requirements of event the strictest regulations,” says John van den Elzen, General Manager, Surveillance Business Unit, Promise Technology.

Promise Technology has been considered in the global storage market for its efficient security surveillance services including cloud and IT storage platforms that accomplished by its own enterprise-class hardware and software storage architecture. The solutions offer users with high performance server and storage reliability for IP video surveillances including the authority to deploy it with any IP camera and Video Management Software (VMS). Its elegant features include integrated solutions from Aimetis, Axxonsoft, CamIQ, CSVi, Genetec, Milestone, OnSSI and SeeTec. The solutions come with three year warranty that includes five year extendable option; also downloadable.

Vess A2330 - 2U 6-bay solution represents small-sized business by supplying high storage value including flexibility in managing approximately 40 IP cameras whereas Vess A3340 - 2U 8-bay solution enhances mid-sized business storage power and capacity. Vess A3340 PoE is capable of directly connecting approximately 16 IP cameras at a time to the built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch and has recording/playback capability with regular/PoE switch expansion functionality. On the other hand, Vess A3340 - 2U 8-bay solution is capable of handling up to 80 IP cameras and is also available with a built-in smart PoE switch i.e. easily managed via a web browser.