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Promise Technology Introduces VSkyCube: An Advanced Solution for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 22, 2016

SANTA CLARA, CA: Promise Technology announces the launch of VSkyCube, a range of advanced and innovative hyper-converged systems to leverage the IT and data center operations in a flexible and streamlined way. The company made this announcement in the recently held Open Server Summit.

In the recent time, hyper-converged infrastructures appeared as an add-on to the integrated infrastructure system and a scaling module in the hyper-scale data center. It also provides advantages like management, performance, virtual machine density and scalability while comparing with the converged architectures that holds multiple elements of different types of equipment at a single shelf. Hyper-converged infrastructures allow intense performance and scaling without making changes to the individual design considerations made for the isolated IT resources.

VSkyCube is designed, focusing on the small and medium companies, but it is also perfect for the businesses that are looking for a solution that increases agility, scalability and enhances administration efficiency along with managing the costs. VSkyCube encloses the networking, storage and computes virtualization technique as an economical way to apply Cloud-in-a-box and IT-in-a-box ideas of the system administration.

VSkyCube is planned by applying a scale out approach and provides a shared storage system with the latest storage, networking and compute attributes that reduce the total ownership cost and deducted up-front investment. The latest platform comprises of the consolidated single pane view management system and it is planned to provide adaptable and pre-integrated bunch of combined list of scalable resources. These resources are designed in a way that they can be quickly installed, managed and adapted. VSkyCube is designed in the form of an application that is driven by the application, running on the hardware objects that provide effective costing solution without compromising with the performance.

VSkyCube will be originally accessible for the range of purpose-driven x86 devices that are based on the commodity hardware. It will allow customers for the selective scaling of storage intensive and compute intensive resources along with the mixed workload.

“VSkyCube is meant to keep pace with business cycles that need systems to support fast, responsive development processes. Our VSky hyper-converged systems are designed to help businesses rapidly deploy IT workloads and scale IT infrastructures as the business grows,” says Ken Dai, GM Cloud Solutions Business Unit, Promise Technology.