Propel Marketing Launches Digital Marketing App for iPhone

By CIOReview | Monday, May 23, 2016

digital marketing process at their fingertipsQUINCY, MA: Propel Marketing, a provider of digital marketing products and solutions, has introduced a new app for iPhone that allows users to manage their digital marketing process at their fingertips.

Propel offers an intuitive dashboard—Results by Propel Marketing (RPM)—which allows customers to view the results of their digital campaigns in a centralized location. RPM further gives customers 24/7 access to campaign results. The intent of RPM is to save customers time and effort with easy-to-understand reports, allowing them to make faster and better-informed decisions on their marketing spend. “By having a single platform accessible to users, across all their devices, we give businesses the power to connect with more customers,” comments Kaijsa Kurstin, VP of Marketing, Propel Marketing.

Similarly, the app provides all the same features as the desktop dashboard. As the mobile version of RPM Dashboard, the app equips users with campaign reporting, lead tracking, and key performance metrics on the go. The app represents data from a number of channels like digital display ads, website traffic, SEM ads and social media posts. In addition, the app enable users to track new leads, monitor campaign pricing and spend, identify top performing ads, check online content, website analytics and data, and contact their digital advisor.

Additionally, Propel is focused on giving customers a competitive advantage over the rest by offering cutting-edge solutions such as Responsive Website Design, Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, Social Media Optimization, and Retargeting. While harboring talented digital enthusiasts and innovators to make marketing easy, “We work together to understand the goals and objectives of our customers and then we develop a digital campaign that fits the needs of their business,” adds Kaijsa.