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ProSAFE 10Gb Switching Platforms to Scale Up Wave 2 Wireless-AC Networks

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 31, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: Networking firm, NETGEAR is extending its networking offerings by launching two new ProSAFE 10Gigabit switching platforms—M4200  and M4300 Managed Intelligent Edge Series. The switching platforms will provide capabilities to small and medium sized business by scaling up enterprise’s Wave 2 Wireless-AC networks. NETGEAR’s launched switching series delivers developed platforms with SDN support, and enable companies to 10Gigabit wired and wireless network deployments easily and cost effectively.

“With the M4200 and M4300 switches, we have taken the complexity out of delivering Layer 2/3/4-rich services, making them more affordable and easier to deploy for small and medium-sized organizations. We’re confident that both of our Managed Intelligent Edge Switch Series will grab the attention of network managers looking to make a wise investment in advanced switching solutions to better enable advanced application delivery, especially for Wave 2 Wireless-AC networks,” says Peter Newton, Senior Director, NETGEAR.

The M4200 series provides best-in-class Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) 8x2.5Gigabit and 2x10Gigabit distribution switch for Wave 2 Wireless-AC Access Points. Its non-blocking and easy to deploy attributes makes it more elegant than the other costly arrivals in the market. It is reconcilable with the vendor’s advanced wireless and switching solutions. Its unique features includes 8x2.5G ports to the access point with 240W PoE availability. Additionally, it offers 2x10G line-rate aggregation to the wiring closet. Its plenum rated cable, slim design and mounting amenities, offer users easy switching for optimizing access point both inside and outside the rack.

On the other hand, NETGEAR’s M4300 offers modernized stackable platform with edge-to-core 10Gigabit stacking from 24-port 1G to 48-port 10G. The Non-Stop Forwarding (NSF) virtual chassis architecture of M4300 delivers advanced High Availability (HA) with instant failover across the stack. The emphasis of server aggregation with Auto-iSCSI prioritization enables 2 half-width M4300 switches to be installed in a single rack space for eliminating unnecessary top of rack installations. It has Layer 3 features that include static and policy-based routing, RIP, VRRP, OSPF, and PIM dynamic routing.