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Protection 1 Brings Out NEXGEN Alarm Data Analytics Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 20, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Protection 1, a security solutions company in the U.S., recently released their modified product—eSuiteTM 2.0. eSuiteTM 2.0 is the next-generation version of its innovative reporting and alarm data analytics platform for commercial customers and enterprise.

The latest eSuite is developed through direct feedback received from the users. It is built to respond Protection 1’s customers’ needs. The Next-Generation Version of Alarm Data Analytics Platform’s capabilities include a new user experience, mobile capabilities, and intuitive interface that will enable clients to access key features on-the-go.

eSuite was launched five years ago. It was developed to offer actionable data for commercial customers and enterprise’s tasks such as open and close schedules and reports, incidents and alarms, to change or request a service call, and details of alarm tests. Apart from other services, eSuite 2.0 simplifies large amounts of data and help customers to see what and which requires attention through graphics-based information displays. Graphics-based information is easy to use and offer transparency of information to help customers with a number of key features and mended functionality to the platform, including enhanced usability and faster speed.

Sara Moccardine, Director of National Account Customer Support, Protection 1 says that Protection 1 has created a unique customer experience with their 1 Touch Plus program, which is dedicated to active customer account management.

The features of eSuite include graphical interface, ability to localize a burglar alarm system on test and remove from test online, application and mobile design for secure ease of use from mobile devices, and allows user to view activity dashboard. It sets new industry standard for end-user application portals and allows to perform function on-the-go, directly from their tablet or mobile phone.