Proteus Partners With DRASS Group To Build Its Underwater Research Station
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Proteus Partners With DRASS Group To Build Its Underwater Research Station

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 23, 2022

As the Engineering Procurement Construction contractor for social businesses, DRASS Group will oversee the design and delivery of Proteus' undersea research station.

Fremont, CA: "From Fabien Cousteaus lifelong commitment to the understanding, appreciation, and protection of our oceans and Drass Groups rich history of reliable subsea technology, this partnership brings over 200 years of legacy and experience to create what will be the future of ocean conservation and exploration," states Lisa Marrocchino, CEO at Proteus Ocean Group Ltd. Proteus Ocean Group Ltd., which is developing and operating PROTEUS, the world's most modern underwater research station, has chosen DRASS Group of Italy as its Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) partner. The DRASS Group, a global leader in subsea and hyperbaric technology, will collaborate and advise on PROTEUS' design, construction, and onsite installation.

"We look forward to seeing how DRASS Group blends its expertise with our vision to deliver a global collaborative platform capable of aiding in the advancement of research, development, and solutions addressing some of the worlds largest challenges." adds Lisa.

DRASS Group has collaborated with and invested in a project for the first time in its history, signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Proteus Ocean Group Ltd., providing the company with equity remuneration in lieu of the customary profit margin. DRASS Group will dedicate its top engineers to designing, developing, and building PROTEUS as part of the agreement.

“This partnership is a historic milestone in over a century of business for DRASS Group. We've been captivated by the PROTEUS team's vision for subsea research and the use of technology as a tool to safeguard our oceans and unlock its immense potential," comments Sergio Cappelletti, Managing Director of DRASS Group. "We're confident in this mission and have chosen to invest directly in PROTEUS as we progress toward a sustainable interaction between mankind and the ocean."