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Puppet Labs Launches New Support Module for Microsoft Azure VMs; Automates Application and Infrastructure Deployment

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 15, 2015

FREMONT, CA: As the complexities in managing the modern data center increases, the need for efficient ways to configure, orchestrate and manage new infrastructure and applications grows exponentially. To meet the management requirements of organizations, Puppet Labs, a provider of IT automation software, announces general availability of Puppet Application Orchestration and a new Puppet Module for managing Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines.

A New Way of Orchestrating the Deployment of Application and Infrastructure

With the announcement of general availability of Puppet Application Orchestration, Puppet Labs reduces the complexities involved in deployment and management of applications. Built on the strengths of Puppet and its unique Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), the process sets the standard for how to deliver, install, configure and maintain distributed software applications and enables businesses to model distributed applications and application stacks as Puppet code.

By enabling organizations to model applications, including the relationships across their supporting services and underlying infrastructure, the orchestrator ensures that machine works perfectly as the application is deployed, updated or destroyed. The Puppet Application Orchestration has a single language and toolkit for the full stack which allows easy management of applications both on the developer’s laptop and in the datacenter.

Framing Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines in Puppet Code

The new Microsoft Azure model offering by Puppet Labs enables organizations to shape their Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) in Puppet code according to their desire. Microsoft Azure, a cloud platform for building, deploying and managing applications and services, provides a powerful API for creating and managing its Infrastructure as a Service platform. With the azure module, users can drive that API using Puppet code to create, stop, restart and destroy Virtual Machines and also manage other resources. Currently, Azure supports two APIs - Service Management and Resource Management. The new module supports both of them.

"There is no future with fewer servers or fewer services that are less complex or less critical. Today, we're taking a big step forward in helping reduce that complexity by providing the industry's only unified solution to automate the entire lifecycle from initial infrastructure provisioning through application deployment, regardless of whether those applications run on Microsoft Azure or other cloud providers, virtual machines, physical servers or containers," says Luke Kanies, founder and CEO, Puppet Labs.