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Pure Storage Brings Forth New Flash Arrays Supporting Oracle and SAP Systems

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 24, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Adding a new product to its storage arrays, Pure Storage introduces FlashArray//m with converged stacks for Oracle and SAP systems reports Larry Dignan for Between the Lines. Additionally, it adds new features to its Pure1 cloud software.

FlashArray//m enables users to transform their Data Center, cloud or entire businesses to enhance consolidation and acceleration of key applications. The key features of the new storage array include a small size that reduces power, space and complexity; upgrade controllers to expand performance or capacity; enhanced performance and easy deployment with non-disruptive upgrades. Moreover, it adds SAP and Oracle to its FlashStack CI line.

In order to provide immediate database cloning to oracle databases, Pure1 cloud software will integrate transactional and data warehouse loads that will accelerate development, automated backup and recovery. In addition, Oracle’s Exadata hardware can now be substituted with Pure’s FlashStack. On the other hand, Pure Storage launches a FlashStack for Enterprise resource planning applications to provide snapshots for system copies to SAP. Further, it can reduce deployment time and maintenance charges.

"The hardware will have the same lifespan, but mixing TLC and MLC will improve density over time. The Oracle and SAP stacks will "put Pure at the highest end of mission critical applications," says Matt Kixmoeller, VP, Products, Pure Storage.

In conjunction with the flash array, Pure Storage also launches Pure1- a capacity planning tool for cloud based storage management to support IT administrations. Pure1 comprises of Pure1 Manage, Pure1 Connect, Pure1 Support and Pure1 Collaborate.  Pure1 Manage helps in monitoring from cloud from any local web browser; Pure1 Connect automates management and integrates with data that is essential to Data Centers; Pure1 Support, facilitates monitoring and response with managed software upgrades and Pure1 Collaborate to exchange ideas and cooperate on solutions. Pure1 will function like an antivirus provider that finds emerging threats. While monitoring the performance of arrays, Pure1 will predict known issues, detect configuration problems and capacity related matters.