Push Notifications API by Semantics3: A Boon for the eCommerce Industry

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 4, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Semantics3, dealing with database of eCommerce product and price, comes up new Push API that delivers product price changes in near real-time.

A recent survey by eMarketer shows that eCommerce apps with push notifications enabled saw much higher user engagement – a 278 percent increase in app “launches” which beat all other app categories.

The Push API, in the light of this study, will help the online retailers, shopping sites and apps to update the existing prices as well as track competitors’ pricing, and access advanced product analytics. Retailers can now offer better deals to customers and enhance their shopping experience with more accurate information.

With Push API, eCommerce developers and product managers can create and receive push notifications for price changes on any product in the Semantics3 database. Whenever a product price change or a competitor lowers price of a product, notifications are automatically sent to retailers.

Push API not just comes in handy for retailer but is also useful for customers. It would keep the customers updated to the latest trend and best deals in the market. It also keeps track of rapid changes on pricing, inventory and other related data across millions of products from thousands of retailers and sites.

With Pull API, customers can search and access product data through name, price, brand, model, color, size, images, and so on. They can also find products by Unique Product Code and pull detailed product data.

Sivamani Varun, CEO and Co-Founder of Semantics3 says, “Push notifications are increasingly becoming the starting point for interactions on mobile devices and websites, helping drive engagement and revenue. Our massive database and APIs are helping drive the growth of push notifications by delivering the most up-to-date and comprehensive price and product data from anywhere on the Web.”