Pusher Labs: The Innovative and Congenial Platform for Developers

By CIOReview | Monday, March 28, 2016

FREMONT, CA: In an innovative bid to help arm its clients, computer software specialist Pusher has set up a dedicated R&D Lab and Development team, named Pusher Labs. The aim of the lab is to help developers build applications without the need of using complicated codes.

Pusher is a hosted service that adds real-time functionality to web and mobile apps within a short time period. It is a messaging service with APIs, developer tools and open source libraries that simplifies integrating real-time functionality into devices.

"We want to provide the building blocks that allow people to build more with less, and to reduce the cognitive overhead of managing increasingly complex systems," says, Max Williams, Founder and CEO, Pusher.

One of its most prestigious clients is the renowned New York Times for whom they recently handled over 250,000 connections - a company record in managing multiple users for a single client. They plan to exploit Pusher Labs’ capabilities to such an extent that it becomes disruptive enough to dismantle their main product and flourish in the digital market.

“Our plan has been to create a Labs environment in the company, free from the pressures of maintaining infrastructure that is used daily by millions of people. In this environment, we could build prototypes and ideas that seem to fit with where we think the market is going, and what things will help people in the future,” explains Williams. The company presently delivers almost 165 billion messages to more than 5.4 billion devices worldwide, every month.