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QA Mentor Takes Over France Based Abid Consulting

By CIOReview | Friday, May 13, 2016
Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO, President and Founder, QA Mentor.

Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO, President and Founder, QA Mentor.

FREMONT, CA: New York based QA Mentor, Inc., a global leader in providing software quality assurance and testing services, gave a major push to its service capabilities with the acquisition of Toulouse, France based Abid Consulting. Abid Consulting is a privately held software development company specializing in building software quality assurance and testing applications. QA Mentor’s clientele includes Fortune 500 companies spanning nine different industry verticals.

QA Mentor currently offers 28 distinct quality assurance testing services, 37 different quality assurance testing types and expertise in more than 50 different testing automation tools and solutions. Post this acquisition rights for the Test Management Platform will transfer to QA Mentor and will be integrated into QA Mentor’s service offerings. The company officials are yet to divulge any financial details surrounding this acquisition.

“We are very excited about this strategic acquisition. We have being doing our homework and due diligence for the last 6 months. This acquisition will provide us with ability to offer a test management solution to our current and future clients as part of our QA Audit and Process Improvement Services. Many QA organizations still do not have ability to manage requirements, test cases, execution results, defects, risks and enhancements effectively as they are using old fashioned methods such as Excel and MS word documents or emails. We will offer a comprehensive Test Management Platform which can fit absolutely any budget and improve quality and collaboration not only for the QA Department but the entire IT Organization. Right now the product is going through transformations and improvements and will provide clients a very attractive price point and the ability to purchase subscription-based test management in the cloud or perpetual licenses. We have formed a new business entity, Occygen, LLC, a US based corporation specifically for designing and developing quality assurance automation products which will help QA Mentor offer its own software products through our specialized QA services. We have plans to build another much needed and very interesting product for beta release at the end of the year", said Founder and CEO of QA Mentor, Inc. Ruslan Desyatnikov during the official announcement.