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QASymphony With cPrime Partner Brings Solution With Agile Development

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 29, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Software testing company QASymphony collaborate with Agile training leader cPrime announces the embracement of agile development methodologies that enables ranges of capabilities training, advisory and education resources created by cPrime, and testing tools made for Agile, by QASymphony.                                             

QASymphony develops a suite of applications for automating, recording, annotating and visualizing the Agile testing process while cPrime company provides best practices for Agile processes through its trainings, and provides Agile software optimization. This two company consolidated to help the DevOps team as it enables the team to focus and become more productive through Agile methodologies.

Many company adhere to agile practices to accelerate innovation, however, the transition creates difficulty while adopting new process and developing tools. "A major risk of Agile is quality, and with our platform, companies can reduce bugs and be much more efficient with testing,” says Dave Keil, CEO, QASymphony

Both the companies work towards providing the DevOps team with a faster and more successful path to Agile as the team’s goal is to increase the speed and quality of business services.