qMap Empowers Visual Mapping Solutions for Agile Testers

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ATLANTA, GA: Software testing service provider, QASymphony qMap, an online dynamic platform that will change the way of troubleshooting software issues.  This is a first of its kind visual mapping solution for Agile testers of cloud, mobile, bigdata and IoT applications, to identify defects and critical insights before applications are released.

qMap strengthens data from QASymphony’s analytic software, qTest eXplorer, providing test case management documentation tool that supports exploratory testing and saves time when performing traditional manual testing.

This testing technology records every step and screen of software testing execution allowing users to take notes and annotate screens while testing. It generates session reports that meets the needs of session based testing capturing detailed testing and quality metrics for analytics. Visual insight provided by the tool features test analysis, by whom, bugs, testing time and defects related to critical functions of the application.

"qMap is unique in the market because it gives developers a real-time, graphical view of application quality. With qMap, DevOps can make the most accurate decisions on whether code is ready to be released” says Vu Lam, Co-Founder, QASymphony.

qMap gathers real-time view of application health allowing users to track and analyze testing results in a heat map. This visual display allows the development team to quickly identify areas with concentration of defects or gaps in testing coverage in contrary to currently used manual and effective process that causes deployment delays.

The tool models an intuitive interface which is integrated with Application Lifecycle Management (ALMs) providing access to testing data. It automatically generates a map of the screens in an application and overlays test results into it, visualizing darker colors on screens where more bugs have been noted, making it easy to access the critical problem areas. It filters the number of variables like time frame, sprint, tester, defect criteria and various configurable note types.