Qmatic launches Myfunwait App to Gamify Customer Experiences

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Michael Hallén, President and CEO, Qmatic

Michael Hallén, President and CEO, Qmatic

ATLANTA, GA: Qmatic, a provider of Customer Experience Management solutions has declared the launch of Myfunwait, an app that integrates gamification with real-time queue management. The app will be incorporated into Qmatic’s customer journey management platform, Orchestra, to facilitate customers with personalized updates about waiting status while parallely engaging them through games or quizzes. Developed in partnership with Sticky Beat, the app proffers brand engagement opportunities to boost customer experiences.

Myfunwait is a reflection of growing trend where waiting as a part of customer journey has become quite generic. This is significantly avoided by the app’s ability to completely captivate, entertain and even educate the customers through interactive quizzes and games. This helps customers to gain enjoyable experience out of passive wait times. “Our Myfunwait app is based on a simple concept that an occupied wait shortens the customer’s perceived wait time and results in a better customer experience,” asserted Michael Hallén, President and CEO of Qmatic.

Customers already often use their mobile phone and apps to utilize their time while they wait. As per a report by The Richest, an average person checks and uses the cell-phone 110 times a day. Another report by Pew Research Center presents the fact that as much as 77 percent of Americans turn to their smartphone to shun boredom, while 53 percent uses it during the waiting lines.

“Our app has been built keeping in mind the need for cloud-based customer journey management solutions, and in particular, mobile applications that advance the customer experience,” explains Hallén. “The introduction of our app will certainly sustain our reputation of being a brand-value creator.” With this, the company strives to continue orchestrating customer journeys for improved experiences.