QNAP's Qsirch 2.1 upgrade- Qsirch Helper Now Available as Chrome Extension

By CIOReview | Friday, March 25, 2016

FREMONT CA: In an announcement made, QNAP Systems, Inc., a Taiwanese network solutions provider upgraded its Qsirch 2.1 with the useful Chrome extension, Qsirch Helper. The new upgrade will drive swifter and easier file searching and will also enable users to search both their Network-attached storage (NAS) and the Internet simultaneously while enriching the file search scale and range.

Searching of files over the internet and NAS will become easier after this upgrade. With the Introduction Qsirch Helper, users will be able to seamlessly search for files on QNAP NAS through Google Chrome and also they can use Qsirch with Chromebook to get search results faster. “Our research and development team is devoted to optimizing full-text search technology and simplifying the file search process on NAS with the powerful Qsirch Helper. Qsirch 2.1 has been updated with comprehensive search enhancements to enhance productivity and user experience,” said Cherry Chen, Product Manager of QNAP.

The upgrade will help to identify the same Keyword simultaneously by searching on NAS and over the internet. For a clearer review of the search results, Qsirch Helper will present the search results in a much more comprehendible way over the internet and QNAP NAS.

QSirch Helper will enable users to search for files from over 6,000 file formats by filename, the metadata, content, date modified, file path. It runs file indexing as a background task and allows users to oversee the indexing progress and current status and also enables users to search for Gmail content and preview the e-mail messages. Qsirch 2.1 is available from the QTS App Center for all x86-based NAS models that have a minimum of 2GB RAM. The TS-531P requires at least 4GB RAM. Additional RAM is recommended for optimal performance.